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The Inner Forth:
formed by nature, shaped by people
Stirling University    
Saturday 15th November 2014

What is the Conference about?
For this year’s conference, the Forth Naturalist & Historian is partnered by the HLF-funded Inner Forth Landscape Initiative (IFLI) in exploring past and present dynamics of this constantly changing landscape.

The Inner Forth estuary has changed out of all recognition in the last 500 years or so. Land has been claimed and protected from the tides and storms. Farming has been established. Major industries central to Scotland's wealth such as salt-making, coal mining and iron-working have needed the Forth as a gateway to international trade. As a result the natural world has been forced to retreat, communities have turned their backs on the river, and often the outside world sees only the refineries and power stations that now dominate the landscape.

The Inner Forth Landscape Initiative aims to reawaken our pride and understanding of this complex mix of the old and the new, the natural and the built. Over the next four years it will deliver 50 discrete but interlinked projects around the Inner Forth to reveal, protect and enhance its unique natural and historic heritage, and to reconnect people to this very special place.

There will be stalls from a number of organisations and community groups involved with the natural, cultural and historical heritage of the Inner Forth, including representatives from some of the 50 IFLI projects.

Where is the conference held?
Stirling University campus has parking and excellent bus services from Stirling town centre and there is a local train station.  You can bring your own food or book a self-service, 3-course lunch in the restaurant. The venue will be signposted from the main gate.

9:00 – 10:00   Registration – Cottrell Lecture Theatre A3 foyer
9:30 – 10:00   Refreshments, Displays & Book Sales – rooms 2A9/11 & 2A13
10.00              Welcome and Introduction (Richard Tipping:  Chair FNH)
10:10              The Inner Forth Landscape Initiative:  Aspirations (Anne McCall, RSPB Regional Director, South and West Scotland and Jess Dolan, Programme Manager, IFLI)

Session 1:     Nature in the Landscape
10.30               The Forth Estuary - 40 Years On (Emeritus Professor Donald McLusky, Stirling University)
10.55              Managing the Inner Forth for Birds – Now and in the Future (Yvonne Boles, RSPB Conservation Officer for Central Scotland)

                       11.20 – 11.45          Refreshments, Displays & Book Sales
11.50              The Importance of Brownfield Sites for Nature Conservation (Suzanne Bairner, Project Officer, Buglife)
12.15              Discussion (Anne McCall, RSPB)
12.40              Launch of Volume 37 of the FNH Journal (Neville Dix & Roy Sexton, FNH)

13.00 – 14.00                 Lunch

Session 2:    The Managed Landscape
14.00               Introduction (Graeme Bell, Head of Conservation (Central) Historic Scotland)
14.10               Defending the Land: Sea-walls and Agrarian Change (John G Harrison & John Reid) 
14.35               The History of Orchards along the Inner Forth (Crispin Hayes, CW Hayes Assoc.)
15.00              Altars, Serfs & Clotted Blood - the Southern Inner Forth Salt Industry (Geoff Bailey, Keeper of Archaeology & Local History, Falkirk Community Trust)

                       15.25 – 15.50          Refreshments, Displays & Book Sales

15.50              Hulks, Harbours and Haulage: Celebrating the Trading Heritage of the Inner Forth (Kirsty McAlister, Cultural Heritage Officer, IFLI)
16.10              Discussion (Graeme Bell, Historic Scotland)

16.40 – 16.45                 Conclusion (Murray Dickie, Depute chair FNH)

Web site   http://www.fnh.stir.ac.uk  Email:  fnh@stir.ac.uk
IFLI web site  http://innerforthlandscape.co.uk   Email:  info@innerforthlandscape.co.uk


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